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"The Rebirth in Traditional 

On-Site Medical Services"

Welcome to MED EVAC Emergency Medical Services!

MED EVAC Emergency Medical Services is a Florida based, multi-discipline On-Site Emergency Medical, Occupational Health and Site Safety Firm specializing in small to large scale community events, concerts, construction sites, maritime medical services for cruise ships, shipping vessels and yachts, regulatory compliance and on-site drug and alcohol screening for pre-employment or 


MED EVAC utilizes our extensive experience in the Public Safety field to the benefit of our consumers and community by building a better, stronger, more professional First Response On-Site Medical Service that is equipped, trained and ready to spring into action whenever and wherever needed.

Browse through our site to learn more about MED EVAC, and don't forget to get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment for your next event or medical needs!



"The Rebirth in Traditional On­-Site Medical Services"

The number one concern facing most consumers hiring on­-site medical services is communication "How do I contact my medical responder when I need them?"

MED EVAC answered this primary concern with an integrated nation­wide mobile communications system that allows our consumers, event volunteers, and participates to talk directly to our medical staff in real time and share their exact location via an app on their mobile phone.


No more having to call a local number and answering tons of questions before help is dispatched or trying to find your exact location so help can treat you. Simply press a button to talk directly to your medical responder and help is on it's way.

Event Medical Services

Construction & Industrial Safety​

Maritime Health Services

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